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Rules and Regulations More Complex Than ACA Law

ACA and regulations“If you like your plan, you can keep it”…..well sort of!  Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, there is one constant to be sure.  Anything can and will probably change, so stay tuned!

The initial law included 2,700 pages of language. Since it’s implementation, the rules and guidelines are at 35,000 pages and growing by the day.

Recent guidelines and mandates that have hit Wisconsin, through the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI), has been the interpretation of “keep your plan” option. Since March 2014, OCI has issued guidance to the insurance carriers in our region on “how to” actually abide this latest ruling.

Most group clients (and individual clients) chose to “renew” early (last December 2013) to keep their current plan(s) and bypass many of the new 2014 ACA-compliant mandates. There was speculation on what 2014 will bring for renewal options, and although many carriers were still working on the idea that not only could you renew early again 2014, but that you “might” have alternate plan design options (just like the old days) all still outside the ACA mandates. Not so, with the newest information coming out of HHS.  You will be able to renew your plan(s) as is, but not make any adjustments to what you have in place, without rolling into the new ACA-compliant plans.

My personal opinion is that we have to deal with what we know today, and it’s anyone’s best guess what the guidelines will be by this fall. This is a moving target folks. Don’t get worried until you have to (next renewal date).  We will always have options for you to consider. We have close relationships with all the carriers, their representatives, and the OCI.

So, on that note, relax this summer and enjoy all the other aspects of your business and life. The headaches with the ACA (and cold weather) will be here soon enough!