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When Should A Business Send Employee Notices for ObamaCare?

With the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare), businesses will be required to give all employees notification (no later than October 1, 2013), explaining their option to purchase health insurance (if they choose) through the Health Insurance Marketplace (aka Exchange) here in Wisconsin.

This notice provides employees basic information about the new Health Insurance Marketplace. We do have some clients here in Northeast Wisconsin working on these notices as I write this blog post. However, my personal opinion and concern with being efficient now and getting these notices out is this: What if the Federal Government delays the Exchanges at the eleventh hour?  What we have been witnessing over the past few months is any part of the Affordable Care Act can change and in many instances has changed.

My advice for business owners is to create a template for the notice to employees and wait to distribute them until we are sure that the Exchanges will be operational on October 1. For a small fee, we can help create those documents for clients who are interested.

Whatever we know about health insurance today is sure to change within the next three months. We all need to remain informed and try out best to stay calm while we prepare for the upcoming change!

One Health Insurance Plan? The First of Many ObamaCare Myths

My main purpose as a health insurance agent is to help individuals and business owners navigate through the complexities of health care plans. That’s why it is so concerning to me to hear how much confusion there is surrounding “ObamaCare”.

Several individuals I have met with, who are concerned about their individual rates going up, look at ObamaCare as a singular option for them (i.e. if I don’t take my current coverage, my second choice is ObamaCare). Their understanding is ObamaCare is a health plan choice. What they don’t realize is that there are regulations and mandates that all health plans will have to include as of January 1, 2014. There will be options both in the Exchange (Marketplace), as well as the private marketplace for the same cost.

Now that we have the first myth debunked (ObamaCare is one plan), let’s move forward in explaining which insurance companies in Northeast Wisconsin have selected to offer their health care plans in the (Federally Facilitated) Exchange.

The health care insurance companies in Northeast Wisconsin are:

  • Compcare Health Services Insurance Corporation (a division of Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield)

  • Prevea 360 (a division of Dean Health Plan, Inc.)

  • Arise Health Plan (parent company WPS Health Plan, Inc.)

Note: The State of Wisconsin Insurance Commissioner‘s office did not release rate information or coverage area details.

Do you know which of these three plans on the ObamaCare exchange are right for you? That’s where a licensed insurance agent (something I’m proud to be) will help you navigate through the complexities. Now how has ObamaCare made health insurance any easier for individuals?